The mission of the Ocena Wpływu Inwestora Zagranicznego (Assessment of the Influence of a Foreign Investor) is to build partner relations between foreign investors and Poland.

This mission is fulfilled through conducting studies and analyses which promote knowledge about how foreign investment affects Polish society, economy, and natural environment.

OWIZ enables:

  • the presentation of good practices used by foreign investors;

Thanks to a detailed study, covering 21 variables and grouped into four categories, we can show not only what practical solutions and models are economically effective, but are also beneficial to the development of Polish economy.

  • showing the strenght of interdependence between the foreign investor and Polish economy;

The study, of which an important element is the analysis of how well the investor is rooted in Polish economy, allows to measure and underscore the importance and the benefits achieved by the foreign investor thanks to strong rooting in Poland and collaboration with local co-operants.

  • standarisation of the manner of measuring the quality of the foreign investor’s influence on the host country;

Thanks to the unique and standardised methodology developed by the experts of the Republican Foundation, it is possible to carry out an analysis of investors from different industries, allowing for a comparison of their results.

  • an objective tool for assessment of the quality of the investor available to public administration, media, and public opinion;

Thanks to the study, the socio-political surroundings of the foreign investor will have an easy access to trustworthy and objective information showing the quality of how the investor affects Poland. 

  • creation of a ranking comparing investors from different industries and countries in how they affect Poland;

OWIZ step by step

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